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11350 McCormick Rd.
Executive Plaza III
Suite 1000
Hunt Valley, MD  21031

T 410-329-1115
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Company Profile


Sidhu Associates has been providing consulting engineering services since 1977. Capabilities include design and construction management for HVAC, boilers, chilled water, plumbing, fire protection, high and medium voltage electrical distribution, traction power, fire detection, interior/exterior lighting, security, CCTV, environmental services and IT services.

We have a well qualified and experienced staff of 42.  Fourteen of our Electrical Engineers have B.S. degrees and five are professionally registered.  Four electrical engineers have experience in designing 33KV or 13KV distribution systems and have specified 33KV, 13KV, and 5KV switchgear.  Eight of SAI members have B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, of which three are professionally registered.  We also have a Systems Engineer, a Networking Specialist, and a Certified Industrial Hygienist on staff.




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