MTA Redline Project

MTA Redline Project

Red Line Transit Study_2015-2

Location: Baltimore, MD The MTA Redline project consists of a 14-mile new light rail system extending from Security Square Mall on the west to Bayview Hospital in the east with 5 underground, 14 surface stations and tunnels. Our scope of work for underground stations is to design HVAC system for ancillary spaces, which includes ventilation systems for electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, and other miscellaneous spaces. Rooms with electronic equipment such as UPS Batteries are provided with split heating and cooling systems. In addition, egress stairs are provided with stair pressurization system to keep smoke out of stairways in case of fire. Plumbing design consists of incoming water main in water service room, water distribution pipes to plumbing fixtures, hose bibbs and emergency equipment. Hot water is generated by individual instantaneous electric heaters. Drainage from plumbing fixtures, and floor drains goes into a sump pit with a set of pumps which discharge water into sewer systems. Track drainage design consists of a system of water inlets and drainage pipe which terminates into underground pit, where a set of pumps discharge the water to sanitary sewer. For surface stations, plumbing design consists of hose bibbs at platform, and canopy drainage system to remove rain water from station canopy. Fire protection design consists of sprinkler systems in various spaces. Most of the spaces are provided with dry system, except spaces where there is no danger to freeze the pipes. Train tunnels and stations stairs are provided with dry standpipe system. Rooms with electronic equipment such as UPS, Battery or Fire Command Center are provided with non water-based FM200 systems.



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October 9, 2014